Riders will complete the long course in between 4 and 7 hours.

Aid Stations

Unless specified otherwise, aid stations will be equipped with water and/or basic nutrition, like chips, nuts, pretzels, cookies, M&Ms, bananas

AS 1: Lake City Rd @ North Bloomfield Rd @ Backbone rd. | Med & Long course | Mile 10.9

AS 2: N. Bloomfield Graniteville Rd @ Moores Flat Rd (water only) | Med & Long course | Mile 17.9

AS 3: Graniteville Community Center | Long course | Mile 25.5

AS 4: Gaston Rd. @ Relife Hill Rd | Long course | Mile 36.7

AS 1: Lake City Rd @ North Bloomfield Rd @ Backbone rd. | Med & Long course | Mile 50.6

AS 5: Sierra Family Medical Center | Med & Long course | Mile 57.7


Last year we implemented a finish line that left an additional 19 miles of non-timed single track, bobbing and weaving until you finally made it back to the festival. THIS HAS CHANGED! The new routes both finish at the Rood Center, and will be scored in traditional fashion rather than as a timed segment. Meaning you will be timed for the entire route.


Start and finish at the Rood Center in Nevada City.


6:00 - 8:00 am: Packet Pickup

Complimentary hot coffee available at the start.

Tour of Nevada City (TONC) bike shop will be present at the start for last minute tune ups.

8:00 am: Mass start

12:00 - 5:30 pm: Enjoy you post-ride meal and your well deserved beer, courtesy of Grass Valley Brewing Co, and of Best Day Brewing for the NA option!

3:30 pm: Awards Ceremony -- time is subject to change