October 5

8:00 am Start

Nevada City, California


Heart of Gold takes place in









So Much Gravel...

Heart of Gold Gravel features a course with an overwhelming % on dirt. Definitely gravel, not "groad". The event was created with the impetus of youth mental wellness, and the effort to bring people together for that cause in Nevada County. This October 5th, we ride from Nevada City's Rood Center over two course options ranging from 46 - 70 miles. Each route features ample climbing and lots and lots of amazing dirt. This region is one of California's hidden gems. For a good cause, and on a great course, there's no good reason to miss out on Heart of Gold Gravel.

Schedule of Events

Everything will be happening at the Rood Center - 950 Maidu Avenue in Nevada City

6:45 - 7:50 am: Packet Pickup under the Bike Monkey tent

Complimentary coffee available, but no breakfast options on site.

7:50 am: Important announcements at the Start Line

8:00 am: Mass start - both routes

11:00 am: Rider meal available at the participating food trucks

12:00 - 4:00 pm: Public Festival

Food, Drinks, Live Music, Kids Activities, Bike Wash & More!

3:30 pm: Podium (time subject to change)

Segment scoring!

Segment scoring will be in effect for the 2023 edition of Heart of Gold.

Changing our approach to a challenging course can make the difference between misery and joy. While this race is tough, it doesn't have to be anything short of memorable. We reach into some of the least ridden places of California's Sierra foothills with our routes. In 2022 you raced the entire thing. This year, you get to race three timed segments.

Segments 1, 2 and 3 on the long course will contribute to overall placings while segment 3 will also be scored by itself for a KOM/QOM title that the medium route participants also share!

Cash Purse for Top 3 Men and Women

A cash purse of $2,000 will be split evenly between both men and women in 2023! Payout will be $500, $300, $200 for each of the top 3 men and women on the long course segments!

Only participants of the long route are eligible for payout. It will be awarded to the top three overall winners in both the men's and women's categories.

There is no cash prize for the KOM/QOM award on the final segment.

Long route

This year's long route will take participants clockwise through Columbia Hill on their way to Graniteville. With segment timing now being in-effect, riders will be able to warm up for the first 21 miles before needing to throw down. This cuts out a significant portion of climbing from the competition, making life grand!

Check out the new long route on Ride With GPS and Strava.

THREE Timed Segments

The long route features two timed segments that will be combined for your final race result.

Segment 1: 11 Miles long.
Mile 21 to mile 32 with 1,600' of elevation gain. Finishes at Graniteville aid station.

Segment 2: 14 Miles long.
Mile 43 to mile 57 with 2,000' of elevation gain. Finishes at the Lake City aid station.

Segment 3: 1.4 Miles long.
Mile 61 to mile 62.5 with 900' of elevation gain. It will hurt like nothing you've done before, but the segment record is around 11 minutes. Short, painful, but a true test at the end of a long ride.

Segment 3 will also be scored separately from the other two as its own KOM/QOM. While it will also be added to the first two for the overall placing. Two competitions in one!

4 aid stations + 1 water stop: Mile 12.6, Mile 24.1 (water), Mile 31.9 (end of Segment 1), Mile 43.2 (start of Segment 2), Mile 57.2 (end of Segment 2)

All aid stations will have plenty of water, hydration mix, and basic nutrition items such as bananas, chips, cookies, peanut M&Ms, fig bars, etc.


Winners of the overall combined segments are not eligible for the KOM/QOM competition. Participants who are awarded for the overall are removed from the running in the KOM/QOM final segment, leaving room for other competitors to throw down on this final leg of the race, grabbing some of the spotlight with a podium ceremony.

Medium route

This year's medium route will split from the long route at Malakoff Diggins and eliminates a significant amount of climbing for a super cool sampling of Nevada County dirt.

The medium route features just one, short but very difficult timed segment: segment 3 from the long course. Participants on the medium route will be scored together with those from the long route on this final "KOM/QOM" segment.

2 aid stations : Mile 12.6 and Mile 26 (end of Segment 2)

All aid stations will have plenty of water, hydration mix, and basic nutrition items such as bananas, chips, cookies, peanut M&Ms, fig bars, etc.


While not as prestigious as the overall combined segment competition, participants of this year's medium route will have the advantage of not having ridden as far to reach the start of the final climb of the day, where the KOM/QOM segment resides.

See the route on Ride With GPS and Strava.

100% Of proceeds support teen
mental wellness in Nevada County.

Be informed!

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