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100% Of proceeds support teen
mental wellness in Nevada County.

A ride for youth mental wellness
in Nevada County.

Young people, including children as young as nine, have reported experiencing depression over the last year of the pandemic. Your registration and participation will support young people and build resilience, empowering the next generation in our community. Together, we provide a path for our youth to thrive.

The Route

There's nothing easy about the Heart of Gold gravel race for teen mental wellness. But why should there be? For a great cause deserves a great effort. You'll be aptly rewarded for your efforts.

Distance: 55 Miles -- Elevation Gain: 7,200'


Bike Monkey's Role

We spend a lot of time putting on bike races for the sake of the experience. While none of that is lost here, this one's different. Sometimes, we get an opportunity to bring attention to a cause that deserves it. When we were asked to bring a gravel bike race to Nevada City with a focus on raising support for Nevada County's youth, how could we say no?

With that, we bring you Heart of Gold Gravel... To be well.

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