October 7th, 2023

Nevada City, California

Photo: Annelise Taine









Segments are coming to Heart of Gold!

Segment scoring will be in effect for the 2023 edition of Heart of Gold. Changing our approach to a challenging course can make the difference between misery and joy. While this race is tough, it doesn't have to be anything short of memorable. We reach into some of the least ridden places of California's Sierra foothills with our routes. In 2022 you raced the entire thing. This year, you only have to race a couple segments.

Specific segments will be published as we get closer to the event. Right now, everything is under several feet of snow!

So Much Gravel...

Heart of Gold Gravel features a course with an overwhelming % on dirt. Definitely gravel, not "groad". The event was created with the impetus of youth mental wellness, and the effort to bring people together for that cause in Nevada County. This October 8th, we ride from Nevada City's Rood Center over two course options ranging from 46 - 70 miles. Each route features ample climbing and lots and lots of amazing dirt. This region is one of California's hidden gems. For a good cause, and on a great course, there's no good reason to miss out on Heart of Gold Gravel.

Tentative medium route:

Some might call it hard, but it's definitely dialed back. Consisting of more climbing per mile on average, but shorter. How about 46 and 7,100'? It's compact, it's tough, it's beautiful.

Check out the new medium route here.

Tentative long route:

Expect seventy miles and 10,000 feet of elevation gain. We're not messing around.

Check out the new long route here.

100% Of proceeds support teen
mental wellness in Nevada County.

Be informed!

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